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Every night of late when I take Toby out to go to the bathroom, I stare up at the cloudless sky while he does his business.

I have no doubt there are millions more than what I can see from my back deck but I have come to enjoy looking at the stars.


sometimes it is the simple things~



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past the point of rescue   Leave a comment

my new equinox has a oldies channel and this song came on the other day.

I can’t get it out of my head.

I loved it when it came out in the 80’s


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Yes? No? Maybe So?   Leave a comment


I have to say I am missing the ocean.

missing the warm sun and my tan.

I have become a pale face again.

I’ve been telling myself that I am not going on vacation again until next summer when I will either go on a cruise to Hawaii or up to Montana.

But winter hasn’t even started here yet and I am already thinking of the beach and how wonderful it would be to go before next spring.


Knowing my husband he will be for Florida any time I say let’s go.

He loves Florida and the beach more than I do.

Still…..I told myself I need to limit my vacations to one a year…..


But I would really love to be standing here again…..

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