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I was talking with a friend the other day about how much we would love to have a cabin in the woods far from any civilization.

how wonderful and tranquil it would be.

I often long for such a place…..

good thing dreaming is free.



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full moon by the lake   Leave a comment


Wish I was standing here taking this awesome picture/video


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Beautiful pictures   Leave a comment




I wish I could take credit for this awesome pictures, but alas I can’t.






I so love fall……..



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cold dreary day   Leave a comment


we don’t have blooming flowers here, but I love this picture.


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stuff……   Leave a comment

Here we are sitting on my favorite day of the week again.
How I adore my Friday’s.


In all honesty the weeks fly by.

less than 3 weeks now till Thanksgiving.

and seven weeks till Christmas

I have been thinking long and hard about changing my job……but in all reality I need to just toughen up and stick it out here.

The pay is very good and in all honesty I work maybe…..4 or5 hours of the day…

the rest of the time I am just ( for lack of a better way to put it,) “On call” in case an emergency comes up.
oh I have to stay  at the school, but I am pretty much on my own on what I do or don’t do.

AN emergency being….someone clogged a toilet or made a mess in a bathroom and or someone got sick.
Now that winter is almost here, I will busier with dealing with snow and ice and keeping the sidewalks clean and ice-free for the kids and people who come into our building.

The weather has changed.

it is quite cool out today.

Very fall-ish

the leaves are raining down and the trees are cold and naked.

winter is definitely in the air today……

I need to put on my big girl panties and start exercising again.

no excuses.

I have my exercise room all ready for me.
I just need to do it.

but I have become quite lazy in my old age.

no excuse though.

I want to be thinner for Emily’s wedding so I MUST get busy…..

life is good and I have no complaints.



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