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I love roses.
I have tried planting them off and on through the years but I have never had much luck in keeping them alive after a long hard winter.

I love Lilies too and my mother loved tulips so I planted a lot of both in my flower bed this fall.

the purple is pretty too.





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Today is the last day of our Indian summer.

After today the highs are going to dip down to the fifties.

Granted that isn’t winter yet but it is a sure sign that it is heading in our direction.

I love winter.

No I don’t care for the icy roads or driving on them.

And I am not a huge fan of negative temperatures with low forties or fifties wind chill, but I do love winter at about thirty degreesย  and a lot of snow.

Sunshine is great also on those kind of days.

I love in Iowa and one never knows what the winter days are going to bring to us in Iowa.


west liberty


And my two favorite holidays only come in the winter time.


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