Grandchildren time, rain and a wet dog   Leave a comment

we had Aaron and Bailey over night.

Aaron was asleep before ten last night but Bailey fought sleeping till about ten thirty.

But Bailey woke up at 7:45 this morning and Aaron woke up at 8.

So they both had a great nights sleep.

I did too for the most part


It is raining and will till two or three this afternoon, which in turn makes for a very wet dog.

He has to go out to go to the bathroom and of course he can’t just go to the bathroom, no he has to go and inspect every toy and or bone out there.

And come back in wet and tracking in dirt and mud.

I need to get a towel out there and wipe his paws every time before he comes back in the house.
No great plans for my day other then showering, doing laundry  and cleaning.

I need to get groceries too, but not sure we will do that today or tomorrow.
I so love the weekends



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