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well in 72 hours my husband and I will be at the airport waiting to board our Delta airplane to fly to Florida once again.

God willing we will make it there and back.
I honestly don’t fear flying, I actually love to fly, but I always have a small thought of weather or not the plane is going to crash.

Probably my mother in me.

I also worry about weather or not all my loved ones will be alright when we are gone.

God willing they all will be.

Rick and I may take a drive over Halloween weekend and look at the beautiful changing leaves….or maybe we won’t….

But I don’t see another big vacation in our future unless we decide to go out west again sometime next year.
I really want to see Alaska, Wyoming, Montana and Yosemite National Park.

Of course if we drove to Utah I would be fine with that too.
I so love Utah.

But in all reality it is probably best to go to new places.

Thus I don’t think Florida will be on the list of vacation destinations again for quite some time.

(unless of course winter becomes long and unbearable)


This Friday will be my tenth trip to Florida

It really is time to visit other states

Hawaii maybe?

yosemite Yosemite


wyoming  Wyoming

glacier national park montana Montana

hawaii 2  Hawaii

Posted September 22, 2015 by Marge in God, heartfelt, ramblings, vacations

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