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lately it seems that the children here at my elementary school are getting more and more out of control.

Like they can’t handle the simple rules of what is expected of them.

They have to defy them, or act out in some way to let everyone know they hate the rules.

I have a child across from my office in one of the behavior rooms, screaming like someone is breaking his arm.

And all they are doing is keeping him in that room, with two teachers there until he can control himself and go back to his regular classroom.

The room he is in, is a classroom too made especially for kids with behavior problems.

But this boy had an attitude the moment he walked in the door this morning.

And he isn’t the only child with issues today.
I honestly think the kids misbehaving has to do with too many video games and or too much TV time.

They don’t know how to act in a normal school/social setting.

I am ready to retire.



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indestructible me   Leave a comment

That is what I am going with for a title for this blog.


Because it just popped into my head.


Actually I dreamt last night that someone was chasing me with a gun and about ready to shoot me.

Then my dog fell off the bed and scared me speechless.

I actually thought it was a gunshot at first.

Lord was I scared.

And I jumped up out of bed so fast I hurt my back.


I honestly don’t think I am indestructible.

I actually know I am not.

toby again



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