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Almost two years later and I still find myself sadden by Paul Walker’s death.


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If I had the money I would adopt every single child in the United states and make a home for them.

do you have any idea how many children from the age of 1 to 21 are in the adoption forum and are waiting for someone to just love them?

it saddens me greatly.

every now and then I look at all the children who are up for adoption.

It makes me very heartsick.

if only I had the money to do something about it.

I would have a huge home with many employees helping me look after all of these children.

Damn why does life have to be so hard for them?

There is a little boy named Ricky who is one and the injuries he has sustained in his short little life will keep him unable to walk, talk or move or eat anything but pureed food in a bottle.

he will never be able to take care of himself.

even into adulthood.

I would adopt him in a heartbeat if my husband would agree to it…..

and that is just one of the hundreds who need a forever home.


rhodo mountain state park tennessee

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My husband has an ipad that I bought him late last year.
He isn’t very computer savvy and he gets quite flustered quite easily.

My eldest son got on my husband’s iPad the other night and when my husband went to get on it last night he was clueless how to get back to face book.

which is really the only thing he uses the iPad for.

I have tried to teach him how to go here or there but then things don’t work as he wants them to and he gets upset.

So last night he says to me “Brian needs to stay off my iPad,he totally messed it up.”
I ask “How so?”

and Rick says “He got me totally out of face book and I can’t get back in again I keep trying and it rejects my password”

Well he wasn’t putting in the right password so there lie the problem.

It was an easy fix but I think it is funny how flustered he gets over these little things.



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I can usually eat cooked onions and suffer no consequences but not this time.

For some reason after eating cooked onions for supper last night I have been suffering tremendously today.

I love onions.
Especially cooked onions.

I can eat them every day and they are incredibly delicious to me.

but every now and then……I would say one time out of ten, I get a stomach ache from them.

Quite annoying….


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