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so I was writing my sister an email today telling her how much I hate my job.
But also telling her I was reading old blogs that I have written and as far back as 2007 I have complained about hating my job.

I told my sister today I may try and retire from here at 55, which is next summer.

I’m not sure I will be able to but I am going to try damn hard to get it done.

I can collect my IPERS when I turn 55 and while it will probably be only $500 or so a month, if I work part-time some where I should be able to pay my bills.

Hopefully I will have a few paid off before then……which is what……9 months from now.

It is doable if I just cut back the spending.

Determination makes the impossible possible.  My sister Kathy had that on a poster several years ago at her job.

I believe with all my heart that anything is possible if I want it bad enough.

So I have a new goal……to strive to make this work so I can retire in 9 months.



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