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struggling today   Leave a comment

the weather man said it was supposed to be cooler today.

well it isn’t.
They say after the rain comes then it will be cooler.

but it Isn’t raining.

why do they get it wrong so often?

it baffles me.

my school is made of brick and it holds the hot humid stuffiness inside.

I have opened windows and put fans in them hoping to pull some cooler air in.

as of yet it hasn’t happened.


Have I said lately how much I hate hot and humid weather?

zippity do dah day

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Tubing   Leave a comment

My son and daughter and her fiancé and their son and I went tubing down the Cedar River on Sunday.
We went about nine miles and it took us almost six and a half hours to do it.

sometimes the water was shallow my five-year old grandson could walk the river.

other times it was so deep none of us could touch the bottom.

sometimes it felt like we were just sitting there so we would all get out and carry/drag the tubes to get moving again.

Over all I thought it was great fun.
and very relaxing.

And it costs nothing to float down the river.

Quite enjoyable.

mississippi river in iowa

Posted September 8, 2015 by Marge in ramblings