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Miss my mother and that wonderful childhood of mine.

the rear view mirror and me

I’m feeling a bit out of sorts today.
Feeling like I’m standing on a precipice and not sure weather I’m going to fall over or pull myself back at the last minute.

I’ve been taking a walk down  memory lane today and while I miss those days in many ways I know that it is impossible to go back to them.
Take for instance the little girl I use to be, and the hundreds of road trips we would go on in one of mom’s junk cars.
We would sing to songs she taught us, because the radio  never worked.
I remember as if it was yesterday how in  awe I  was of my mother because she could drive with no hands.
Granted it was less then thirty seconds but in my mind that made her pretty damn cool
Yes I can drive without hands now too, but every time I…

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I was spending a few hours with my sisters last weekend and I said to all of them
I feel like I have had a very easy life, compared to others that have struggled so much, God has given me a very blessed life full of easiness and sweetness

I don’t know why God has blessed me so much

or why He has made my life so easy.

but He has

Do I deserve it?

I don’t think so

But I am very grateful for it.

My sisters agreed with me that I have had a very easy life.

I don’t know why

But I am thankful for it and for every blessing God has graced me with………


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What are you tired of?
My answer:  hot weather

What are you listening to?
My answer: The fan in my office here at work

Are you currently watching anything?
My answer: nope I am at work….well I am watching the clock so I guess I am watching something.

Do you have a crush?

My answer:  nope

what do you wish for?

my answer:   Peace on earth

How essential is chocolate?

My answer:  Sometimes yes sometimes no……

what did you last eat?

my answer:  celery with peanut butter

What are you craving right now?

my answer:   a cool swimming pool

How would you fill in this blank………”someday………..”

My answer:  I hope to see all of my loved ones in heaven

Love is?

My answer:  essential to my well being.

my space is…..

my answer:   something I need from time to time

Today is ……

My answer:  Thursday September 3, 2015

Are you mad?

My answer:  nope

Are you upset?

my answer: no

Is there something you want to tell someone?

my answer:  I generally speak every thought I think needs shared…so no…..

When you are sad, who can cheer you up?

my answer:  my grandchildren

If you were to die today would your life be complete?

my answer:  yes.  I would love to see my grandchildren become adults but if I die before then hopefully their parents will keep telling them how much I love them.

What is your favorite color?

My answer: Green

who was the last person who made you laugh?

my answer:  my husband

Do you believe in the afterlife?

My answer:  definitely

Is there a hell?

my answer:  I believe so yes

Favorite childhood memory

my answer:  the gray house

favorite season?

my answer:  fall

Favorite song?

my answer:  don’t think I have one.

is this question and answering thing silly?

my answer: yeah but it is fun too.



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the rear view mirror and me

“You can’t say the words I want to hear, while you’re with another man.  Do you want me answer yes or no, darling I will understand…..

put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone…….let’s pretend that we’re together all alone….I’ll tell the man  to turn the jukebox way down low….and you can tell your friend there with you, he’ll have to go”

just a few incredible lines from Jim Reeve’s song “He’ll Have To Go”

one of my mom’s favorite singers and this song takes me back to a time when I was a little girl and extremely naive and thinking my mom knew everything and that she was the greatest mother in the world.

of course she wasn’t…..but she did the best she could and if I could have traded her for say June Cleaver or Carol Brady,  I never would have.
Mom wasn’t perfect but…

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cool image

my head is spinning.

I haven’t had a headache like this in a long while.

must have something to do with sleeping with the fan blowing in my face.

Toby seems to think now that he knows how to jump off of my bed, that he should be able to do it any time he wants.

Unfortunately he won’t learn to use the steps I bought him to get back on again.

Thus I have to lay my legs across the bottom of the bed to keep him from jumping off of it.

Bed time is sleeping time but occasionally he still thinks  it is play time.



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I have to say this hot and humid weather is just draining me.

I know the weather men say it will be cooler next week.

mid seventies, which to me in heavenly.

but this hot stuff just makes me so tired and unbearably uncomfortable.

anyone who knows me knows I hate feeling hot and sticky.

And that is how  I feel with this hot and humid weather.


I feel like I have swam through a dirty muddy pond.


So Dear Lord give me strength to endure these next few days of miserable heat and humidity.



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