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Things I want to do before I die~

See my grandchildren grow to be adults.

Go to Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, California, New Mexico, New York, Africa, US Virgin Islands.

Become debt free

Learn to play the piano

Take a cruise

Simple things really and all attainable

Not sure I will ever make it to Africa……but it would be awesome if I could….


I LOVE to travel.


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Awild orca, Kachemak Bay, Alaska

A wild orca, Kachemak Bay, Alaska


I think for my retirement celebration I am going to go to Alaska.

Granted retirement isn’t for another two years if not longer…….but I  want to go to Alaska badly and see the Orcas.

Of course I want to see the mountains and the beauty of Alaska as well~

207075_3549691230742_599905647_n  I want to go to Denali National Park

And just bask in the raw beauty of Alaska.


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We have been spoiled here in Iowa.

For two weeks straight it barely got above 78 degrees.

The nights dipping into the fifties

It was quite Heavenly.

Now though mother nature has decided that we need to get back into summer, so it is boiling hot and very humid.

I hate this kind of weather unless I am in a pool……

I knew it would get hot again because let’s face it, it is September not October… therefore….we must have more hot weather.

There is nothing I hate worse than sweating so profusely that I feel like I need to shower every minute of every day……


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