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My brother just self published a book to Amazon called Throne to the Dogs

it is about his life when he was 12 in the year 1968

We lived on an old gravel road and the highway about a half mile from our house was called Sand Road.

Life on Sand Road was exceptional in many ways and hard in others.
We lived in an old gray house that needed a lot of work.
Mice and rats often found their way into our home.
We lived in the country about a thousand feet from the Iowa River.
It was a good life.
We were poor, but yet it was a good life.

If you want to read about a little space in time of my brother Ric’s  life please order the book.
He is a good writer.


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I hurt my back again this morning moving twenty fifty pound boxes full of paper.


I am so sick of this job.

BUT I have to keep working because they pay me so well and I really want to get out of debt so it really makes no sense at all to take a cut in pay to do something else.

My goal is to be done working by the time I am 56.

I may work till the end of the school year which will be three weeks after I turn 56 but that is what I am going to work towards.

that is less than two years from now, which means I need to buckle down and STOP SPENDING MONEY!!!!
That will be a hard one for me.

but I must do it.

I am very sick of my job and this hurting my back every single day isn’t helping at all….

I just want to be done cleaning up after people

unusual pictures 3

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I miss my walks   Leave a comment

unusual pic 8

I use to go to an off the road park where hardly anyone ever went and I use to walk.
I use to love to be one with nature.

I use to love to just be out alone enjoying my me time.

What ever happened to me that I don’t do the things I use to love to do?

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my mountain   Leave a comment


if you look closely you will see my mountain in the background.
Mt Rainer.
I decided it was mine back in 1997 when I saw it for the first time.

I love seeing news broadcasts in Seattle Washington because a lot of the time Mt. Rainer is in the background.

I must go visit it again some day…….

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stair way to Heaven?   Leave a comment

unusual pic 9

it might just be a foggy stair case to a bridge that passes over some river

it might be a stair case leading to an old castle

or it could be the stair way to Heaven.
Although I am quite sure that stair way is paved with gold and a warm bright loving sun is guiding a person as they climb up.


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heights   Leave a comment

indianola iowa

I have always thought it would be really cool to go in a hot air balloon.

but since I have a very real fear of heights I don’t ever see myself doing it.

Still imagine all that you could see in one?

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Vincent van gogh

this is a Vincent Van Gogh picture.

I love the idea of it.
And it would be awfully cool to see the inside of it…….

I was born a country girl and while I live in the city and have for 80 % of my life, I love the country and this house is so cool.

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yeah I am rambling……   Leave a comment


some days I just let the pictures write the blog.

that it what I have been doing this afternoon.
I pick a picture and go with it.

(I’m down to thirty minutes till I can go home so I am basically keeping myself entertained.)

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give me will power   Leave a comment

unusual pictures

I need the will power to exercise and lose some weight.
I am fighting an up hill battle and to be honest I am not gaining much…..

I need incentive…

I need someone to hold my hand and work it with me.

Someone to compete with……someone to make me move  and not be the lazy butt that I am………

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