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I have just begun to calories

why you may ask?

because I can’t seem to lose weight and I need to try something different.

it is amazing to me how quickly the calories add up!

According to the  internet for my body height  I should only be eating 1600 calories a day.

Well hell, today’s breakfast, snack and lunch are over 1100!

this is going to be tough!

But I am determined to lose at least thirty pounds before my daughter’s wedding.

more would be terrific, but I am trying to be realistic


11430289_10205808918720497_7687053299364771838_n  the soon to be bride and her fiancé

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Tennessee   Leave a comment


how I would love to take a couple of days and drive to Tennessee and just get one with nature.

Sounds so Heavenly.

get my zen back, find my center.
Not sure why I feel out of sorts today.
I just feel like something could be wrong and I’m not seeing it.

I also feel like I’ve lost me somewhere.
That probably sounds odd but I do feel it.
I am so consumed with grandchildren and children around most of the time that I forget to just spend time with me.

I know I just wrote all of this in the last blog…….

not sure what is wrong with me today……..

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I need a break from every day life.
Actually I need a break from the job and just to spend some time alone and get some contemplating done.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life and I am so very thankful for all that I have…..

But I feel like I have neglected me for quite some time.
I need a day or two, possibly a week to just decompress from life and spend some alone time with me.

Unfortunately I doubt it will happen.

Still it sounds lovely……

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My brother just self published a book to Amazon called Throne to the Dogs

it is about his life when he was 12 in the year 1968

We lived on an old gravel road and the highway about a half mile from our house was called Sand Road.

Life on Sand Road was exceptional in many ways and hard in others.
We lived in an old gray house that needed a lot of work.
Mice and rats often found their way into our home.
We lived in the country about a thousand feet from the Iowa River.
It was a good life.
We were poor, but yet it was a good life.

If you want to read about a little space in time of my brother Ric’s  life please order the book.
He is a good writer.


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I hurt my back again this morning moving twenty fifty pound boxes full of paper.


I am so sick of this job.

BUT I have to keep working because they pay me so well and I really want to get out of debt so it really makes no sense at all to take a cut in pay to do something else.

My goal is to be done working by the time I am 56.

I may work till the end of the school year which will be three weeks after I turn 56 but that is what I am going to work towards.

that is less than two years from now, which means I need to buckle down and STOP SPENDING MONEY!!!!
That will be a hard one for me.

but I must do it.

I am very sick of my job and this hurting my back every single day isn’t helping at all….

I just want to be done cleaning up after people

unusual pictures 3

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I miss my walks   Leave a comment

unusual pic 8

I use to go to an off the road park where hardly anyone ever went and I use to walk.
I use to love to be one with nature.

I use to love to just be out alone enjoying my me time.

What ever happened to me that I don’t do the things I use to love to do?

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