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So I was off Friday because I had the flu.

The good old fashion, vomiting, diarrhea kind of flu.


so I come back today to work to find the place a disaster.

did anyone come and do my job on Friday?

Good Lord this place was a mess.

I can not imagine what it will look like when I come back from being on vacation for seven days.

at any rate my hours have been changed this year putting me back an hour.
Working 7-3:30 now.

the only problem with that is……. teachers are coming in and I haven’t cleaned their rooms.

I HATE with a passion that they are coming in  on MY time.

Irks me to no end.

School doesn’t even start till 8:45 now so why are they here at 7:30  AM?

So I either adjust to this new development or give the district an extra hour a day like I have always done.

Which I was trying to stop doing.

But it looks as though that is what I will have to start doing again.

Water drop


Posted August 31, 2015 by Marge in ramblings

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