I feel like I have been shot   1 comment

My sister sent me a letter today informing me that I have become ” A uncaring, cold, bitter unfriendly person”

Just because I spoke my mind stating that I didn’t care if I saw her daughter or my brother when they came back.

And why did I state this?

Because they both have been here in the past and make no effort to contact me and or invite me to see them.

I don’t care if they only have a few days.
My seeing them isn’t going to make or break their day.
It wasn’t like I was asking everyone to be quiet while I had my one on one time with them??

so I dared to say my honest feelings and now I am a cold uncaring bitter unfriendly person


And because I don’t make time for her and my other sister as often as they think I should, I am heartless!

And not only that but she called me on something I didn’t intentionally even know I was doing that happened 38 years ago!
When I was 15 and 16!

I was a kid!
Good God!

I guess it is just better to know what people truly think of me than to live with blinders on.
I don’t have time for people who insult me like that.


Posted August 13, 2015 by Marge in family, heartfelt, ramblings

One response to “I feel like I have been shot

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  1. Seriously? Carolyn said that? Blows my mind.

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