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Well here we are, sitting on Thursday August 6th, already!
Where did the last five days go?

August is flying by!

I am at work and need to find some ambition to get up from my desk and get moving.

Toby is sweet and cute and a handful.
He didn’t have any accidents in the house last night but that was because he was outside more than he was in.
He LOVES being outside in our fenced in back yard.

It is quite a treat for him.

My sister says I need to take more pictures of him but he is constantly in motion when he is awake.

But I should try, he has to have gained five or more pounds since I got him last Saturday, because he is growing so fast!

I love going to bed at night, he sleeps with me and he just cuddled next to me and goes to sleep

He really is a good boy.
I still miss Max a lot though.
But hopefully I won’t think of Max every single time I interact with Toby for long.

Emily and her family are coming over for dinner tonight.

She sort of invited them over as she wants my husband to cook one of her favorite meals from childhood.
Yes she could cook it herself, but she likes him doing it.

We have about twenty 2 cup bags of frozen corn on the cob that we will probably have some with the meal tonight.
I love it.

It is exceptionally nice when cooking a meal in the dead of winter and we thaw out a bag of corn of the cob corn and eat it.
It is incredibly wonderful.

Some things in life are just great.
Eating corn on the cob (chucked off the cob) corn in winter is one exceptionally great thing.

I know, it is the little things sometimes.


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