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frustrated to say the least   Leave a comment

I have made myself cd’s of various artists for years.
And I do mean years.
I like listening to different singers instead of the same singer through a whole cd.
And I get to pick the songs so they are all songs I like

Well I have tried five times, yes 5 times! to make this one cd of songs I like.
Every single time it says it has burned the songs to the cd.
And it plays beautifully on the computer.
however when I try it on my car cd player, or the cd player I have in the bathroom and or the one I have at work, it refuses to play the songs.
Oh the cd goes through the motions and the time adds up but it never gets off the first song or where the first song should be, and I can’t forward it to any other song because it won’t let me, AND there is nothing on the cd!

I am so freaking frustrated with it.

Damn it all!

I would really love to have this variety of songs to play while I drive to work and or home from work or while I am working or taking a bath.
But nope, it won’t happen because for some freaking reason it isn’t working.

Damn it!


I feel like this freaking mouse.
Just play with me!

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sweating   Leave a comment

I have been sweating all week.

literally have sweat soaking my scalp and dripping on to my glasses.

it is frustrating.

and anyone who knows me knows I hate to sweat this much.

it makes it very uncomfortable to work.


Bring on Fall,

I hate heat and humidity


Posted July 31, 2015 by Marge in ramblings