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I’m writing again!   Leave a comment

What a wonderful wonderful wonderful feeling it is to be able to write AGAIN!

it is like my hand is doing all the work.

there is no effort from my brain,it just flows like a river out of me.

I have written 39 pages in the last three hours.

I so love the ability to write!!!!


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if only……   Leave a comment


yeah too bad this couldn’t be done.


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tick tock…….   Leave a comment

why do Friday’s always seem to go so slow?

Every other day of the week seems to move faster than Friday’s do.
Could it be because the weekend starts as soon as I walk out this door?


I think so!


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it saddens me   Leave a comment

I am a custodian at an elementary school in Iowa City Iowa

It is a decent job, sometimes hard job and  I stay here because they pay me such a great wage.

however, it saddens me greatly to see the waste the college educated teachers in this school put out.

Literally thousands of  pieces of paper that they print hundreds of copies of something and then decide they aren’t going to use it so they throw it away.

And yes we have a recycle system in place, but…….

that is not the point.

the point is why make hundreds of copies of something when you have thirty students in your classroom?

Why not let the students use the back of the paper for an art project or for notes or something that isn’t so wasteful.

It saddens me.

it has been brought to our principal’s attention about the waste but he has so many irons going at once that a little thing (to some anyway) like paper waste can’t concern him.

I admire him greatly but something needs to be done about how much teachers waste stuff at this school!

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I am sweating so much sweat is literally dripping from my scalp on to my glasses as I work.

If I have never mentioned it before I HATE hot and humid weather!


Water drop

I wish I could jump in to this big pool of water and cool off.

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