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Here it is almost 8:30 and I should be going to bed.

That five thirty rolls around quite quickly and I think I am still playing catch up from those two nights earlier in the week when I barely slept.

God willing my mind will quiet down and I will be able to sleep

Tomorrow is Friday, so that is great too.
Night world


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I change the appearance of my blog nearly every week.
I get tired of it looking the same.
I like shaking it up a bit.

I don’t care for the white backgrounds so my preferable colors are blue and green

I don’t mind the apricot if I could get the other colors I like worked into it.

I like the purple too

there is one about a strange blog, titled theme that I like a lot, I just don’t care for the amateur drawings at the bottom of the page

I just like to change it up

and yes I know I am one of the few who do change the appearance quite a bit.
Most people I know don’t even blog anymore.



I love the snow and ice on the trees in the winter.
Just beautiful

(And yes I know the picture doesn’t have anything to do with this blog post, I just like to put pretty pictures up)

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blue moon

my husband’s aunt put this on face book the other day.
Something to look up at the beautiful sky and try and see.


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I use to be able to write so well that it was like my hand had a mind of it’s own.

I use to be able to lose a good ten pounds (when I was determined enough) at hardly any effort.

I use to write ten or twelve blogs in a day~

I use to be able to sleep without taking an over the counter sleeping aid every single night.

I use to have the dream of climbing Mount Everest.
I use to want to learn to play the piano

(Okay, I still want to do that)

I use to have the desire to go to college……

so many things I use to be able or want to do…

And while I feel like I am quite content 90% of the time, once in a blue moon (There is a blue moon coming up on July 31st of this year)

once in a blue moon, I think if only I could believe in myself enough, I could do this………

Maybe it is the devil trying to sneak his way back into my life…….

But I believe God will trust in me enough so that I can be strong and keep the devil out.

the pacific two

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I have misplaced my camera.

Yes I have the phone camera but I have misplaced my camera that my children got me a few years ago.

I’m sure it is in a tub in the basement with other things I haven’t unloaded yet.


I re-arranged my bedroom/den.

I need a space to write as well as have the computer at my disposal so I moved the room around a bit to accommodate that need

I’m sure I will be bumping into my desk a few nights when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but hopefully I will remember it is there sooner rather than later as the nights progress.


I found a new blog to read.
A woman from Florida no less commented on one of my blog posts so I went to her blog.
She has some interesting reads.

Her blog is titled Mermaid In A Mudslide

I highly recommend her.




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well my eldest daughter isn’t coming to Iowa after all this weekend.

Guess a gas line was hit and her neighborhood had to evacuate and the fire department took it upon themselves to kick down her back door to get into her house and make sure she didn’t have a gas leak in her house.

So she has to stay in Milwaukee to get a new door on her back door.

So we changed the birthday party back to Saturday which is my husband’s actual birth date, and where we originally had it planned for.

it stinks that Paula can’t join us, but hopefully she will be able to come down soon.


the 6 of us last year 2014

Rick, Paula, Emily, Me, Brian and Matt.

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I feel like I am an upbeat person and I try my best to not ever get down so much that everything looks bleak and horrible.

I have been there and it isn’t much  fun.

It does make me quite down and blue when one of my siblings are down and blue.

I wonder sometimes why I have such great luck in life and they don’t?
I am guessing a lot of it has to do with the man I am married to.

If I didn’t have him chances are I would be struggling with the day-to-day stuff and be down and blue myself.

I hate seeing and hearing my siblings are struggling and unhappy.

yes I pray.
I pray for them every night.

And I believe the good Lord hears my prayers.

Maybe one day they can find the happiness they need to feel like life is a positive thing again.


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