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my shaggy boy back in 2012

max 2 and a well groomed young man this last February.

12 weeks ago today I lost my little man Max.

I still miss him so much

I long to have him back, if just for one day.


I am going to get a new pup.

Not to replace Max, but I loved having Max and I long for a new puppy.

In about ten days I will bring the new little boy home.
Nothing or no other dog will ever replace Max.

Love you buddy…….

And I still wish you were here, every single day.



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I am about ready for bed, but as I am playing on the computer, looking for things to look at, I have a sense of peace fill me.

I know without a doubt that I am so very blessed in so many ways.
I literally want for nothing.

I am loved and have a wonderful healthy happy family and I just feel so calm.

I’m tired and hope I get a better nights rest tonight then last night………

but I just feel mellow and carefree……..

Good Night world and God bless!

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I am miserably tired.

my back aches and I simply have no ambition.

I got about three hours of sleep last night.
I was still tossing and turning at two am.

makes for a very short night when I get up at 5:45

I was exhausted but still could not sleep

my brain would not shut off.

Hate nights like that.

now I am paying for it as I am trying to work and just feel totally drained.

I still have another damn hour of this work day



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