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soon to be……..Mr and Mrs.   Leave a comment


here is my daughter Emily with her fiancé Adam.

They were at a  wedding this past Saturday.

Quite a dashing couple.


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5 weeks left   Leave a comment

5 weeks from today is the first day of school.

This summer has flown by!

I am cleaning the break room on second floor and then I am done with that floor until the summer program leaves on August 7th.

Then we will go up and clean the library and the two small offices with it.

We have seven classrooms to clean on first floor and two hallways.

The kitchen and gym have to wait until the summer program is gone too as they use both.

There is a lot of old furniture up on third floor that has to come down and leave the building and several chairs on second floor as well.

but I will deal with that when first floor is clean.

Oh I have the two set of steps to do as well which will take a day at least to do each side.


I’m sick of cleaning.


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an odd feeling   1 comment

I woke up this morning feeling like something was wrong somewhere.

Not sure how else to explain it other than feeling like this day isn’t going to be a good one.
Like someone is sick or hurt somewhere and I haven’t found out who or where yet…….just knowing someone isn’t well.

I haven’t heard from my sister Kathy since Saturday evening.

Maybe that is why I feel like something is wrong……

she has today off so hopefully she will write soon…….

I just text her to remind her that she needs to write me.

Not sure if something bad is going to happen or what, but I don’t feel like it is Kathy, that I feel is troubled or something wrong with her or her son.

it just is with me.

Like the day will not end well.

Weird I know.


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