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well I have gotten 50% of the office cleaning done.
I have waxed two coats on the tile floors and I will do one more tomorrow morning when I get here.
then after it dries I can move things back and finish the main office.

which will take me a good day if not a day and a half.

I am not off now till September 28th through October 5th.

Of course I have weekends off but no time off except Labor Day.

My youngest sister and I are supposed to be going to Florida to see my sister Kathy.
Not sure it will happen.

If not and my husband and I don’t go anywhere then I don’t think I will take the entire time off.
No point in sitting around home again for another vacation like I did in June.

To me that isn’t vacation.

at any rate it is a ways away yet to worry about.

It is still 10 weeks from next Monday and a lot can happen in that time……….


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