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I wish I was soaking up rays on the beach.
But I would love to be in this sailboat too.




or out west in my beloved Utah and or Arizona.

Basically now that the house closing is done I want to be on the vacation I missed out on in late June.

Does it sound like I am never happy?
I hope not.
I am very content, but I long for a week off and just to sightsee and relax…….

guess now that I am a home owner again I will have to limit myself to one vacation a year……..


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I have no ambition today.
Seems to be the norm lately.
not sure why except that it is Friday and I have the next four days off and so therefore I don’t have the ambition to do anything today.
Doesn’t make any sense I know.



I know we have plenty of time to get it all done, so that too might be one of the reasons I just don’t want to do anything today.
But alas, I will play at keeping busy, doing a bit here and there but definitely not pushing myself.


I know, I am lazy……….


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