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We are home owners again!!!!   Leave a comment

It is done.
We are home owners again.

our home!

such a wonderful fantastic feeling!!

My Gracious Heavenly Father has blessed  me with so much!
This house is just another one of His blessings
Thank you Lord!!!


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the big day   Leave a comment

so it is here, the big day.

Our day of closing so we can become home owners again.

In five hours we will be signing our lives away once more to buy our house.

I am excited and yet, it was postponed so many times, I can’t really get excited until we have it signed and it will legally be ours.


I love our home.
Yes there are a few things I would change but overall I do love it.


our house

this was taken in the spring before everything was in bloom.

I will try and get a picture of it as it looks now

I need to do some flower beds but have to wait till fall to do those.

I know it looks small in this picture but there is 1640 square feet in there, and it is perfect for my husband and I.


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