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I am at work on my lunch break.

I have been scrubbing walls in the third floor hallway.


not my idea of fun, but I am almost to the halfway point and it needs to be done so needless to say I must get it done.

I am on vacation next week even though we aren’t going to Florida due to the house closing being postponed till the 29th.

God willing it will happen then.

So I need to get the third floor of this school done by Friday at two so I can leave knowing that vacation will be not worrying about work and what needs to be done.

My night custodian is going to be going on vacation from June 29th through July 23rd, so I will be working along for a while when I come back to work on July 1st.

no great plans for vacation other then working in my yard and maybe visiting my sisters

still debating on getting my hair cut.

I feel like I need to because it is so hot and that makes me miserable, and yet I know I will be sorry if I do.

so I haven’t cut it and probably won’t.

but who knows, I may get a mad dash to the solon and get it all whacked off if it makes me crazy enough………



I will miss my vacation to Florida, but……the house is more important……

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