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No reason for the above title other than it just popped into my head.

Have three of my five grandchildren

Keira stayed overnight with Mirielle so I have the younger three.

My husband is trying to get Bailey asleep without much luck and Kayla and Aaron are playing nicely.

I feel like I could nap myself and I haven’t yet been up three hours.

But I never sleep well when grandchildren are here overnight.

I have a week full of baseball games for all four older grandkids.
Unless it rains which it is supposed to everyday.

One more week and I’m on vacation, which I am not too keen being off of work with nothing to do.
If I take vacation I like to go somewhere so this might be hard on me and I may cancel some of it.
But maybe not.

I have a yard now so I could work in it some…..

I have a couple of sisters I could go visit as well

Guess I will play it by ear……..

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