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last weekend I walked into the Casey’s in our home town.

There was a man sitting in the booths with four other men.
This man’s name is Brian and my husband worked with him for many years.

so anyway I said “Hi’ and he said hello back.

I turn my back on them to wait my turn to get a fattening donut when I heard one of the other men state

‘she has a dog face”

she meaning me.

Brian said “I have seen worse”

I ignored it and didn’t look at any of them again

all week I have tried to not think about it and even though I know I am overweight and could really stand to lose 60 pounds, who says that about someone?

Especially when that someone can hear them?

I have tried to let it go and not think of it.
No I am not the prettiest woman in the world nor would I ever want to be

but dog face?

wow, even now almost a week later, it stings.


b and me

this was me about ten years ago and while yes I am about 25 pounds heavier now, I still don’t feel like I have a dog face.


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a week full   Leave a comment

so here it is sitting on eleven thirty am on Friday June 5th.

my week has been full of cleaning this school and grandchildren.

tonight will be the first night all week we won’t have any grandchildren to watch.

I love them dearly, but I like my peace and quiet time too.

my weekend consists of cleaning the house, coming in to do the building check at the school both days and probably get some groceries.

I want to start my exercise program too and tan a bit if the weather cooperates.

my daughter-in-law gave me back my bike, as she bought herself a new one, so I may start riding that too.

Lord knows I need to lose weight and with my daughter getting married next spring, now is a good time as any to get it started.

Oh and I have Monday off as well because we were supposed to be closing on the house that day.

which now of course we aren’t.
But I am still going to take the day off of work and just enjoy being home.

I want to plant some flowers but it really isn’t the best time of year to do that.

guess I will have to wait till September.

I do plan on taking part of several plants at my old house where my youngest daughter lives now.

the hostas I planted there years ago are pretty big, and big enough to cut in half and take to my home

But I want to plant some roses and tulips this fall for next year and more lilies.

The older I get the more I love lilies.

securedownload 2

I am seriously thinking of doing a small strawberry patch too.
I so love strawberries.

But of course I need to make sure my husband doesn’t mind it if I do a small strawberry patch as he is the one who has to mow around it.

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