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So I have been packing for the last two weeks.
Actually probably longer.

Probably closer to a month, but I slowed way down because I was running out of room to put everything that was packed.

My hubby said to me yesterday “Let’s just start moving.  I’m sick of sitting around waiting so let’s give the $500 and start moving”

So we began.

We took one truck load over to the house.

Now that there is no one living there, we see things that will have to be redone.

A hole in a door, part of a wall that was not finished being tiled, really bad paint jobs…….

Nothing of course that can’t be fixed, however it is a bit discerning to walk in and see these things that we hadn’t seen before.

Still to quote the movie “The War” a  bit of lipstick and rouge will make it all fine.

It is so nice to begin the process.

Yes we don’t actually close for 20 days but since the owner was my cousin’s widow, we know each other and we know that we can trust each other to do the right thing.

So we plan on moving a truck load over every night after work and maybe by the weekend we can get our sons to help with the heavier stuff.

Mainly furniture, washer and dryer, get the refrigerator from my son Matt’s place that we are buying from him and the stove from my daughter Emily’s place that once was ours but we let her have when she bought our house.
She has decided she wants electric instead of gas.
I myself prefer a gas stove.

So we will get that from her, maybe this weekend.


There is a lot of cleaning I need to do to the apartment but we do hope to be out of there by June 1st.

Which is 12 days away.

I hate moving but I love the thought of our own home again, our own yard and no close neighbors that we can hear going up and down their steps and or sharing a yard with them.

Life is good.


securedownload 2




Posted May 19, 2015 by Marge in ramblings

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