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My one and only grandson Aaron is five today.

He is a rambunctious ornery healthy happy boy.

I love him dearly.

happy birthday Aaron.

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35 years ago today   Leave a comment


Did you know that 35 years ago today, Mount  Saint Helen’s erupted?

I have been to the mountain and it is a beautiful place to see.

The pictures of it that devastated the state of Washington all those years ago are still unbelievable today.

mt saint helens

this is ash on the ground, not snow

Scientists say that Mt. Saint Helen’s is the most active volcano in the Cascade Mountains.

And that it will likely erupt again.

mount-saint-helens-before-volcanic-eruption this picture was taken before it erupted in 1980


this is after when things started growing back

helens_660x1 and this was after it erupted, days later

it is a pretty mountain and I will one day go back and visit her again.

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our house

Our new home~~~~~~~~~~~



For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am not a very patient person.

I hate waiting and the longer I have to wait the more agitated I get.

The appraisal on the house still hasn’t been done.

It makes me feel a bit insane.

Nothing can move forward until the appraisal is done!

I am very hopeful that it will happen today or tomorrow.

God willing it will!




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