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so I need some feedback.

I am going to tell you a story and I want to know what you would do in my shoes

a woman friend here at work is off this week.

She told me she is going to use bereavement leave but in all reality she is in Mexico on a beach with her children their spouses and her husband.

I had another woman, her name is Dee come up to me today and say “I have this card for Wendy if you want to sign it.  Her father died, and that is why she isn’t here this week”

I told her I would buy my own card, which in a sense is lying because I know Wendy’s father didn’t die this weekend.
My question to you dear reader is………should I have told Dee that Wendy’s father didn’t die, that Wendy is in fact on vacation sunning herself in Mexico?

I didn’t tell her.
For one reason, it isn’t my story to tell

for another reason, I don’t want to listen to Dee complain about how some people get away with things around here.

Me personally, I would never use the excuse that someone close to me died, to get a week off of work.
I would be too afraid I would jinx someone I loved…….

on another note……

I had the gym teacher say to me a few weeks ago that she should have been a behavior disorder teacher so that she would never have to do anything.

her comment flabbergasted me as I know the  behavior teachers work harder than anyone else.
but I didn’t tell anyone what the gym teacher said.
For one, that is just causing trouble

and secondly- she would probably deny saying it and it would make it look like I was trying to cause trouble.

I don’t know if I am right or wrong to keep my mouth shut.
All I do know is, I feel better just keeping out of it……..


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I have been fighting the flu bug on and off for about two weeks.

sometimes I feel half way decent and other times like today I feel sluggish and not quite right.

I feel like I am moving at a turtle’s pace and that it takes me longer to do most things


I want to go to sleep, but I am at work so therefore I can’t.


it’s a long time till 9 pm tonight…….when I can crawl in my bed………

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