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tattoo?   1 comment

max 2

my daughter in law gave me this picture of Max  the other day,  that she had taken when she and my son had him last February when my husband and I were in Florida.

I love this picture.

AND  I am thinking of getting this picture tattooed on my arm or leg.

I have always said there isn’t anything I would want on my body that would stay there forever, but I think this picture of Max might be something I could look at for the rest of my life.

I miss him a lot and he hasn’t even been gone a week.

But it seems like it has been months since I held him.

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ever feel like the toy?   Leave a comment


through out my life there have been times when I think I am just a toy for someone’s amusement.

Like I am just something to take out and play with for an hour or so and then they lock me back up into the closet.

this house ordeal makes me feel that way.

like I am a puppet on a string waiting to be bounced from here to there at her whim.

I HATE this feeling.

I HATE the unknown.

I hate with a passion the uncertainty of it all.


I’ve read where if you allow someone to treat you a certain way they are going to keep doing it.

I agree.
That is why this needs to be nipped in the butt NOW!

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smooth sailing? of course not   1 comment

I guess I should have known things were too good to be true.

I had hoped when someone gave you their word that they would keep it.

Not saying it might not all happen but it does raise doubts when someone says ‘you are my first choice” and then goes behind your back looking for a better option.

I don’t understand it.

I honestly don’t.

does she do it to let me know that she is doing me a favor by charging me less?

does she do it because she is money hungry?

do I go along hoping it will all turn out alright in the end, as my husband thinks we should?

or do I say ‘Do what you think will benefit you the most” and drop out of the race?

I am leaning towards the latter, but my husband wants to take the slow route, the snail’s pace and see what happens.

He and I are quite different that way.

I am gung ho let’s get this done, sort of person and he is more, ‘oh we have two months or more to do it, let’s not rush it’

sort of makes me insane.

but what does one do?
I am willing to give it another day or two, but if we get to the end of this week and nothing has changed, I am going to look elsewhere.


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