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Forever grateful and blessed   Leave a comment

the best thing

I am forever grateful for my family.

My children and grandchildren and my husband.

I am so blessed to have all of them in my life.

as I turn 54 tomorrow I feel like my life just can’t get any better.

Yes I am sad that Max died and I no longer have him in my life, but other than that I have such a good life.
I might even say great life.

I am not thrilled with my job and wish I had gone to college to do something else.
but that is water under the bridge now.

I wish my husband was more romantic but I know he never will be and I have come to accept that for the most part.

I wish I was thinner and had endless amount of money but the thinner is a work in progress and the money situation isn’t all that bad.

yes it would be nice to have more of it but I really want for nothing.

my life is great.

It would be perfect if not for losing Max, but it is great in every other way

I will say it again.
I am truly blessed



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one day at a time   Leave a comment

I realize it has only been three days since Max died, but I do miss him a lot.
I even said goodnight to him last night before I went upstairs to bed.
Granted he isn’t there anymore but some way, some how I think maybe he can still see me and hear me.
I would like to think he can.
if he can I would like to apologize for not watching him close enough, to know exactly what he ingested that made him die.

I should have been with him every second outside but I wasn’t.

now I regret that deeply.

I regret every time I told him he was annoying me or barking and growling at people who walked by and I would scold him for it.

I regret not taking him on more car rides.

he loved to ride in the car, (unless we were going to get his hair cut, which he some how sensed every time we did it)

he was my little prince.

my buddy, my companion.

and I miss him.

Love you Max, always.

Max and Zeus

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I am so in love with Friday’s   Leave a comment

To me there isn’t a better day of the week then Friday.

I so love Friday’s.


Because I know I have two days off of work.

Monday is just depressing, Tuesday is better than Monday but not by much.

Wednesday’s are good because it is hump day.

Thursday’s are great because it is one day closer to my beloved Friday!

I had a co-worker tell me once, it takes a Monday to get to a Friday, and while those words are true……..there is just no day better than Friday!

not even Saturday is better because that means the weekend is here and I will have to go back to work in two days.

Sunday’s are even more depressing because a long work week is ahead of me.

Friday’s are just the best.





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