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due to my sore throat this week, I don’t have a voice now.

or should I say, I have very little voice.

it is annoying.

I feel half way decent if I keep the Advil in me every  four hours.

if I let it lapse, then I start feeling really bad again.

I’m impatiently waiting for the woman who owns the house we want to buy, to get home from vacation.

she is flying back to Iowa next Friday, one week from today.

so hopefully things can move along quicker when she gets back.

I so want to be in the house by June 1st.

sooner if possible, but I am not sure it is.

I’m at work and it is finally Friday, thank God.

I say that like it  has been a long week when in all honesty the weeks seem to go mighty fast, unless you are waiting to move.


The only plans I have for the weekend are watching my eight month old Bailey tomorrow night for a good six hours or so while her parents and my son and husband and Bailey’s brother Aaron go to an in door football game in Cedar Rapids.

I need to get back on the diet too and get back to walking every day.

st petersburg florida

of course walking here would be better than where I walk at, but in 2 months I will be here walking this beach.


Posted April 24, 2015 by Marge in ramblings

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