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6 weeks from today school will be done.

I wish it was tomorrow.

yes I work harder in the summer time but the kids here are very rowdy and disrespectful.

and it will be so nice to clean something and have it stay cleaned.

that is a huge plus in my book.

another thing I have to learn to do.
I have to force myself to not walk in the door here at five am.

I need to get back to getting to work at six.

it is hard to do as I like cleaning when no one is here and a woman comes in every day at six thirty so I like to at least have her section done before she walks in the door.

I REALLY hate waking up at three thirty or four though.

it’s time to let this weary body sleep a bit later

But I can see myself getting up at three fifty tomorrow morning just because I am use to that time now.


I’m tired


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