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Crap here, crap there, crap crap crap everywhere!

I have been going through things to get ready to move.
Man do I have a lot of crap.

I have a lot of stuff,  a lot of things that I don’t need and rarely use.

Yes I am going to have to downsize even more.

Why you may wonder since I am moving to a bigger place?

Simply because it doesn’t make sense to move things when I don’t use them now.

I downsized A LOT when I moved from our four bedroom house to this apartment.

Now I just want to downsize so I don’t have to move it all…….

I wish I could just wiggle my nose and it would all be done.




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so since we are going to be buying a house I have resigned myself to the fact that I will be working till I am 65.

I could easily retire next year but with my IPERS I would only be bringing home a little more than $500 a month.

that just isn’t enough.

the longer I work the more I will have at retirement through IPERS, and in case some of you don’t know what IPERS is, it is a retirement fund for people who work for the state in Iowa.

I work for the school district which in turn works for the state of Iowa.


so I have eleven years to go.
I am not thrilled by that prospect but I know staying busy and working physically will be better for me health wise in the long run.

And I like spending money, so I have to keep working.




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Man oh man it is cold out!


feels almost like winter again.


I don’t want hot and humid weather  but this thirties and forties needs to go and stay gone.

damn…..the wind is just raw out there.


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