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my husband and I went to see Fast and Furious 7 today.

and while a lot of it was unbelievable it was a good movie as far as entertaining goes.

I went to it to see Paul Walker one last time up on the big screen.

I have never seen any of the other six movies but I wanted to see this one because it was Paul’s last movie.

The death of this man still saddens me.

Even after a year and five months after his passing….
I can’t even say why because he wasn’t my favorite actor, but I did like him and even own a few of his movies.

I didn’t know him personally of course but there was something about him I liked.

This movie made me cry.
I think I could tell when they started shooting the film without him.

They used his voice but the times when it wasn’t him there weren’t a lot of close ups, AND when there were close ups, I think they used digital pictures of him from the past.

Watching this movie of him makes me sad.

I can’t even say why except that he was so young when he died and I honestly feel he would have done many more movies and helped many more people with his Reach Out Worldwide organization.

I plan to buy this movie when it comes out on DVD, so that I too can have one last  keepsake of Paul.


Paul Walker

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