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longing to be here………   2 comments

Daytona July 27 2012 008

I so wish I was sitting here right now.

I know I will be in about 11 weeks but that is just too far away.

I want to be here now soaking up the rays and just basking in the warmth watching the ocean roll in and out.

tammy-pic2  I probably come across as I am never happy, which isn’t true.

I feel like I’m happy 90% of the time……

I just love the ocean and wish I was there……………

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hurry up and ………….   Leave a comment

I have become an impatient person.

I want what I want NOW!

to heck with this waiting crap

unfortunately this is not how it works.

one must work for what they want and need.

but damn it would be great to be able to have enough money to help those who need it, to assist my siblings that are struggling and to have the money for the few things I want.



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Root canal   Leave a comment

so this next Wednesday I get to have a root canal.

so not looking forward to it but it will ease this pain in my tooth so I suppose it is necessary.

a pricey expedition to be sure.


this is how my tooth feels, like the nerves are pounding ….

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