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so here we are sitting on Tuesday, March 24th.

it is cold and very cloudy and windy here in Iowa.

Mother Nature teased us a week or so ago with warm temps and sunny cloudless days.

it makes being back in winter rather depressing.

I am at work bored and wishing I had some other kind of job that kept me busier.

oh I could wash windows or wipe down the railings but since I just did all of that yesterday there really  isn’t any desire to do it again today.

my job is often pointless.
I come in and clean for two hours so that everything is ready for the day, and with in five minutes of the kids coming in, it is all trashed again.

it is depressing.

but alas they do pay well so therefore I will probably stick it out………

I have bills that need to be eliminated  before I can buy a house.

I am a impatient person and want the house now, not a year or two from now.

darn it.

But I made this debt so I have to suffer through and get it paid off.

I said I wasn’t going to vacation again till I had it paid off, but my sisters and I may go to North Carolina in August and rent a cabin there for five days.

AND I so badly want to go to Florida, ocean side again.

I am forcing myself not to spend the money and buy the tickets and reserve the hotel, but damn it is hard.

Every day I talk myself out of it.

I could easily spend $2,500 or more on a week-long vacation to Florida.

And yes I was just there last month, even though it feels like several months ago now……..

Granted it was the gulf side not the ocean side, and I do so badly miss the ocean side.

I wish I could talk my husband into buying a condo down there and come back to Iowa once a month to see our children and grandchildren…..

but I doubt that would happen, or will happen…..

I try hard to think about the want versus the need.

I tend to day dream a lot.

There are several things I would like to have……but do I need them?


I want a house but do I need one?

No, where we live is perfectly fine.

I want to vacation two or three times a year, but do I need to do that?

Heck no, I just want to.

maybe I just have too much time to think……..and dream….and wish………

good thing dreaming is free………



Posted March 24, 2015 by Marge in ramblings

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