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We had my daughter’s birthday party yesterday which just consisted of lunch and everyone hanging out

my four older grandchildren were playing outside and of course there is a lot of drama.


Mirielle likes to be the boss and if Keira dares to go against what Mirielle wants, then Mirielle gets nasty and tries taking the other kids away from her.

she was calling the kids losers and just being a brat.


I care about her deeply but I dislike the way she acts and how she always tries to “one up” Keira in everything.


My daughter-in-law Tonyia thinks Mirielle can do no wrong and will not discipline her when she behaves this way only telling her that she doesn’t do anything wrong and the kids are having a bad day.
Well HELLO, if all three kids are saying Mirielle is calling them “Losers” and being mean to them, then obviously the three of them aren’t all having bad days.
Mirielle is just being her bratty self.

Irks me beyond reason.
But alas….I just tell the younger three to steer clear of her and let her play by herself.


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Posted March 16, 2015 by Marge in family, my loves, ramblings

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