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I was re-reading older blogs.

back in June of 2009 I wrote how much  I hated my job and planned on quitting

here we are six years later and I am still doing the same job.

I don’t like it anymore now then I did then, but it is a means to an end and I can retire next year if I want to.

I won’t be able to due to bills but it is nice to know I will be old enough to, and can any time I want to after that.
IPERS in Iowa requires a person to retire at 55 at the earliest

I will be 55 a year from this May.

so in ways it is too funny that I am still at the same job, in other ways it is just plain sad…..


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tofino british columbia

I’m longing for the ocean.

for warm temperatures and the gentle waves of the sea rolling in.

for watching seagulls and pelicans play in the water and search for food.

Yes it is getting warmer in Iowa, but I so long for the sand and ocean……….

washington state



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