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so I have been looking at places to move to.
Even going so far as to draw up plans to build.

but my husband doesn’t want to move.

he likes where we are living.

and while I like the apartmentĀ  IĀ don’t like the neighbors simply because we are the oldest couple in the unit and they are partying and making noise and do not keep their apartments neat and tidy on the outside like we do.

granted I know this is what happens when you rent, however I think it is time to move.


My husband said to me yesterday afternoon.

“why don’t you move out and I will live here?”

I was shocked.

Completely and utterly shocked.

I said “Thanks a lot” and walked away.

wow, that floored me.

nothing was said about divorcing or anything like that.

just the simple, move out.

Well I believe if you are married you should live together.

what is the point of it, if you don’t?

I am tempted to move out just because he said that to me.

I’m still flabbergasted over it.


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