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so I have decided to  try my hand at going back to school.

first I am going to re-take the 75 hour nurses aide course to become a nurses aide again.

if this goes well and I feel like I can tackle it, I hope to go to nursing school.

I’m 53 and while a part of me thinks I am too old to go back to school, the other part of me thinks, you are only too old Marge when you are dead.

I hate my job and I am very tired of cleaning up after other people.

so in going to nurses aide school I can go back to being a nurses aide.

I need to do something different.

and this is the time to do it.

yes I will be well over 55 by the time I get out of school if I go to be a nurse.

But that is at least ten more years of working before I retire at 65 and maybe I will just work till I’m 75?


I don’t know if going to college is the right answer, but I feel like at least getting my nurses aide certificate again is a step in a positive direction.

Classes go from March 16th through May 1st.

and I have already signed up and paid the fee to take the class.

here’s hoping it leads to brighter things.



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zippity do dah day

I’m having a yuck day.


I feel like I want to run away from myself and find something new and interesting to do with my life.

and while I try and remind myself that I am very fortunate in so many ways, I still feel this yuck and wish I could bury my head in the sand for a while.

I know it is the job more than anything else, but it is a few other little things too.


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Mount-Shasta-Region-CA  washington state


tofino british columbia swiss alps switzerland

sunset at st petes florida hawaii

if I had to choose between the ocean and the mountains, I’m not sure I could.
I love both so much.

and I love pretty pictures.


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it seems inconceivable to me that I just had twelve days off of work.

where did the time go?

granted it took four days to drive to Florida and back again but really, the time just flew by.

and here I am back at work again.

The good thing is everyone seemed to have missed me.


10953230_10203403066387140_4980922557888504326_n                                10675687_10203405686612644_1175409872890605492_n                        10945280_10203413538608939_8930290042052828557_n

me and Kathy on Fort Myers Beach in Florida

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So we are in Florida and have been for two days.

I got really sunburnt yesterday but today was very cloudy and even rained a bit, so no sunburn today.

I have to say every time I get my picture taken, it reminds me of howover weight I am.

Ugh, I hate how fat I am.

I must lose weight.

Hate how I look.


In other news it snowed eleven inches at home.

I don’t miss that a bit.

It is glorious here.

Mid 70’s which is perfect weather in my book.


We don’t like Ft. Myers as much as we like Daytona Beach only because the city is so huge and it takes so long to get anywhere, but this is where my sister lives so we are here to see her.


Next Florida trip will be back to Daytona.


Three more days and then we head back home.

The time is flying by, darn it.




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