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so I have decided to  try my hand at going back to school.

first I am going to re-take the 75 hour nurses aide course to become a nurses aide again.

if this goes well and I feel like I can tackle it, I hope to go to nursing school.

I’m 53 and while a part of me thinks I am too old to go back to school, the other part of me thinks, you are only too old Marge when you are dead.

I hate my job and I am very tired of cleaning up after other people.

so in going to nurses aide school I can go back to being a nurses aide.

I need to do something different.

and this is the time to do it.

yes I will be well over 55 by the time I get out of school if I go to be a nurse.

But that is at least ten more years of working before I retire at 65 and maybe I will just work till I’m 75?


I don’t know if going to college is the right answer, but I feel like at least getting my nurses aide certificate again is a step in a positive direction.

Classes go from March 16th through May 1st.

and I have already signed up and paid the fee to take the class.

here’s hoping it leads to brighter things.




Posted February 13, 2015 by Marge in ramblings

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