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So we are in Florida and have been for two days.

I got really sunburnt yesterday but today was very cloudy and even rained a bit, so no sunburn today.

I have to say every time I get my picture taken, it reminds me of howover weight I am.

Ugh, I hate how fat I am.

I must lose weight.

Hate how I look.


In other news it snowed eleven inches at home.

I don’t miss that a bit.

It is glorious here.

Mid 70’s which is perfect weather in my book.


We don’t like Ft. Myers as much as we like Daytona Beach only because the city is so huge and it takes so long to get anywhere, but this is where my sister lives so we are here to see her.


Next Florida trip will be back to Daytona.


Three more days and then we head back home.

The time is flying by, darn it.




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