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lately I have decided to start saving my change.

just to throw it into a jar in my den and let it accumulate.

my husband has done this for years.

so one day I just decided to do it as well.

see how much money I can save this way.

he separates all the change, quarters in one jar, dimes in another, etc…..

but I am just going to throw it all in together for now.


Water drop

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making love   Leave a comment

to fall into you

our chests pressed tightly as I raise my face to yours.

our eyes hold, our lips meet and we both drift into the oneness of who we are.

making love, feeling all that we are.

heartbeats increase, our souls melt together and we dance to the music of us.

there is nothing as incredible as falling deeper in love with you each and every time we come together as one.


but that was a lifetime ago, when we were young and all we thought of was how much we loved each other……..

but every now and then,  years later  I think of you and remember ~~~~~~~~~of what once was….. us.

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Happy Birthday Linda   Leave a comment

today my sister Linda would have been 58 years old had she lived.

she passed away when she was 53, and it will be the 5 year anniversary of her passing in October.

we weren’t close, simply because she preferred to live away from her siblings.

and while I had tried to stay close to her in the early 80’s she wanted no part of it, and I went over 20 years without talking to her, before I saw her hours before she passed from this life.


this is the seven of us with our mother in 1985

Linda is the one on the end, on the right side, with the long dark hair.

Happy Birthday sis.

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