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I have earned my wage today   Leave a comment

I was outside shoveling snow and steps for ninety  minutes this morning and I have to say today I earned my wage

most days I don’t feel like I do enough to warrant my $18 plus something an hour.

but today I do feel like I deserve every bit of it.

they did delay school for two hours, so……instead of starting now at eight thirty, we will start in two hours.

and have lunch at eleven fifteen.


seems crazy but that is how it works.

Start school at ten thirty and eat lunch less than an hour later.



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if   Leave a comment

do you ever think, if money were no object that you would do things differently?

I can tell you that if I had all the money I could ever want or need, I would open a home for all those children in this country who are waiting to be adopted.

it saddens me greatly to see so many  from birth to 21 years of age just looking for some place to call home.

for someone to love them.

to accept them and want them.

I wish I had the money to do that.

I would  build a mansion  and hire all the help I need to help me care for and love all of these children.

if only………



Posted January 6, 2015 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings