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so I wrote my sister an email this morning rambling on about how sick  I am of my job and dealing with the snow and ice.

I’ve written before on weather or not I am going to retire from the school district when I turn 55 in May of 2016.

and while I say retire, I mean retire from the school district, not necessarily retiring completely.

I just want to be done with working for the school.

they pay me a great wage, and ninety percent of my job is cleaning, however I have been doing this for 13 plus years and I think it is time for a change.

if I were younger I would go back to college.

and granted someone who is in their late sixties and early seventies might think 53 isn’t old, but I feel like it is.

I know working is good for me health wise, and I seriously doubt I would give up working completely.

however I am ready for something new…..


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holy smokes it is cold out there!

I was out for forty five minutes and my fingers felt frozen.


I’m ready for spring

I generally don’t mind winter, but I hate these freezing cold days

just too bone chilling to manage.

Canada needs to shut their doors and keep this cold air up there.


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somewhere out there, it is warm and sunny.

most likely in Florida, if nowhere else.

somewhere out there, you won’t freeze to death if you step outside without a coat on and or stay out there for any length of time.

somewhere out there is where I want to be.

but alas……it is time to put my big girl panties on, get my wool socks on, my rubber insulated boots and coveralls on and get out there and put sand down so no one slips and falls down on their way  into the school today……..


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