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not too crazy about the white   2 comments

so I once again changed my blog theme.
I’m not too crazy about the white, but I needed a change.

something to brighten it all up.

hopefully it will work.



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blah….blah…..blah……   Leave a comment

I could go on and on with that title.
I am having a blah day.
Everything is blah.
my job, my life, my spirit.
I just would like to hibernate for the next week or so.
Sad to say but true.
Maybe I am a bit depressed, I don’t know, all I do know is my day has been blah.

I am a fortune woman and I know this.
I have five beautiful grandchildren and four wonderful children and my husband.
I have nothing to complain about.
Still I am feeling blah.

or bored…..or both.

I am trying to diet and that makes me feel blah as well…..

but life will go on.
Tomorrow the sun will rise and another day will begin

God willing it won’t be blah………..

buttercup 2

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