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so the last few days I have been Christmas shopping.
Mostly on-line but I did buy my grandson a race track at Hobby Lobby and Keira’s present I bought months ago.

The only grandchild I have left to buy for is Mirielle and I will probably just give her money since I don’t know what she would like or want or need.
I have asked her to give me some ideas but she wants expensive stuff that I just can’t afford to buy.

I try to keep the price of things as even as possible.
Right now Aaron’s present is the most, but that is just how it will be this year.

the grand daughter’s don’t need to know that his was more expensive.

at any rate, my husband is buying for our sons, although I will probably give them some money too………

or not…..I’m not sure yet

and I just give my daughter’s and daughter in laws money as well.

I have two birthday’s in November and I am happy to say their present’s are bought as well.

I don’t think we sisters are going to buy for each other this year so that is one less thing to have to do.


Posted October 19, 2014 by Marge in ramblings

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