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daytona beach

Florida can be beautiful too in her own way……….

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IF it weren’t for all the pictures I have, I would never have believed I was in Arizona and Utah 3 weeks ago


I love Utah so much and Arizona was beautiful too…………

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so my husband and I have been joking around about moving.
Either to Daytona Beach Florida, and buy a condo on the ocean

OR Kanab Utah, which we just visited three weeks ago

Both places have a great appeal

The only way I would ever move would be if we either flew back to Iowa once a month or drove it.
Of course I wouldn’t work if we moved.
There would be no way a job would let me off ten days every month

but that is the only way I would move out of Iowa.
I would have to be able to come home and see my children and grandbabies.

20140914_135349  Utah is so beautiful and honestly my favorite state of all time
Okay in fairness I haven’t been to all 50 states, but I have been to 24 of them and so far Utah is my favorite by a very close second, Montana.

still the ocean calls to me……….


Not like a decision has to be made today

I have a little over a year  and 8 months before I can retire and draw my IPERS.


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