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20 months   Leave a comment

20 months from today I am going to retire, IF I don’t buy a house between then and now.

if I do it will be more like five to ten years before I retire.
But if I/ we don’t buy a house I will be done working and start collecting my IPERS, which for those of you who don’t know is a retirement fund just for Iowans.


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I probably just mentioned this the other day but I love fall

I love it so much that I am almost giddy with the knowledge that the temps are getting cooler and soon all the bugs will go dormant for the winter

I can’t wait.
I hate going outside and dealing with the damn biting bugs.

anyway I LOVE FALL!!!!

I hate Halloween and I think it is a dumb holiday but I do so love fall
And of course winter.





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dieting and feeling like………….   Leave a comment

I have to say when I am dieting and cutting out sugar and starches I feel better

Although I feel like I’m starving myself.
I’m not I know, but it does feel that way from time to time.

I am going to keep going, even though today I kind of went way off the diet.
Tomorrow is another day though and I plan on getting back on it.
I’m sure my falling of the wagon will affect my weight loss this weekend though when I weigh in.



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